simple tips to look good without make-up

simple tips to look good without make-up beautiful and attractive. You may not like wearing makeup many times, but you still want to look pretty. During the holidays, I learned that wearing foundation and eyeliner was not practical for me. Although cosmetics cover our shortcomings, you can look great without makeup. Here are some tips on how to beautify a naked face.

Simple Tips to Look Good

Drink water

Start your day by drinking at least one liter of water. Water helps detoxify and soften the skin by cleansing toxins from the body. Drink water for five minutes to an hour. Drink two liters a day and you will definitely see benefits on your skin.

The beauty of sleep

Sleep changes your skin, allowing your cells to regenerate. Train yourself to get at least eight hours of good sleep.

 Exfoliation of exfoliation

Exfoliate the lips with your toothbrush or small towel. Massage the dead skin and soften your lips. Use a mild scrub to gently exfoliate your facial skin. Excessive scrubbing or large scrub scrubs can cause the skin to deteriorate. Rinse with cold water.


Apply your favorite moisturizer with sunscreen on your face and neck. A good quality moisturizer protects your skin and eliminates premature wrinkles. Use lip balm regularly to make your lips look beautiful.

Define your eyebrows

Use a tweezer to decorate your eyebrows and pick up beautiful hair. Shape your eyebrows using an old toothbrush, old mascara beetle or eyebrow brush. completely shaped eyebrows can do wonders for your face by drawing interest to your eyes.

Curl your hair

Using hair curls is not comfortable for everyone. However, this step immediately uplifts your eyes and makes them bigger. Using a mascara stick to coat petroleum jelly will make your hair look thicker.

If your skin is naturally beautiful, you don’t need much makeup. Enhance your natural beauty by getting enough sleep, being active and eating your skin. When you go out without makeup, love your skin with confidence. Speaking of beauty, faith is very important.This is simple to use esaly tips to look good

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